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Why Is Audrey's Home Healthcare Agency The Best For Your Aging Loved-One & The Entire Family?

As children of aging parents or grandparents, caring for them is amongst the first entries of our priority lists.

Their boredom, feeling of isolation, and the impact of friends’ passing can all contribute to the loneliness that they are feeling deep down and these are only the emotional aspect of it. With physical limitations, on the other hand, many of them have developed mobility issues and blurring vision; worse, diagnosed with irreversible diseases. Figuring out the dynamics of how to attend to their needs while you are being productive at work is for sure exhausting and challenging. In fact, family members do not fully understand how complex care can be until they do it themselves in between work, family life, and many other hustles in a day.

One thing we can assure you- it is not impossible to shower our parents, grandmothers, and grandfathers with love and care while juggling work and attending to our kids. A home healthcare provider is your biggest solution. Honestly, having them is so much more than just paying someone to watch over them.

And here’s why we said that.

Home healthcare services promote savings.

Compared to placing a loved one in a long-term care facility, home care assistance is often rendered within specific hours only; for instance, 40 hours a week. However, there are patients, who require round-the-clock help. If that is the case, the hours of service can also be stretched. Long term care will cost you around $6, 844 a month and can easily be above $81, 000 in a year. Home healthcare services, on the other hand, cost $200-$300 each day and will basically be dependent on the number of hours rendered. A caregiver’s daily duty is to provide assistance and companion care in performing your aging loved one’s activities of daily living (ADLs) like medication reminders, meal preparation, hygiene, and even transportation.

Home healthcare services establish carer-patient trust.

While long-term facilities aim to provide a great patient experience during their stay; these facilities often operate by sharing personal spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. The caregivers will assist patients with toileting and bathing, but given the caregiver-patient ratio in a facility, your grandparents will most likely be attended by a different healthcare provider each time. In a home care setting, the patient is able to receive the privilege of establishing a relationship built on trust with a consistent caregiver. They will also be able to receive the care they deserve at the comfort of their own home without the worry of having somebody else around during bathroom hours.

Home healthcare services strengthen family bonds. 

Patients in a home care can still receive guests, invite family for overnight stays, and can even make and receive phone calls whenever they want. There are no “visiting hours” to think of! Also, hiring home care assistance instead of letting a family member look after a patient is tremendously beneficial to both the patient and the family. For example, if your loved one is on multiple prescriptions, the home health care professionals can make sure that medications are taken at the right time at the right dose. They can also provide nutritional counseling and home-cooked meals to protect your loved ones from malnutrition. Without a doubt, this dynamic will allow your family to focus more on providing emotional support to the patient and just leave the rest to the carer.

Here’s the hard part...

How will you find the right home care provider?

Some of the most important things to remember when looking for one are:

Try to dig deeper into how much care your patient needs. Is skilled home care assistance that supports medical needs required? Or custodial care with transportation assistance enough?

Working with a reputable home care agency is the best way to hire a home health care unit. Hiring a home care provider on your own is not the best route for this. If you choose to do so, you will be a direct employer and will be responsible for oversight, background checking, confirming certifications, and more.

Check if the home care agency you are working with has papers to back up their legitimacy. Training certifications, for instance, is an important gauge to ask for. Also, learn about how the agency manages its carers because it always says a lot about their work ethics.

Meet potential carers first before having them for their first day of work. Ask questions about their experience, most recent patient, certifications, problem-solving situations, and if they are willing to be called in for emergencies.

Getting help from a home care agency to take care of your parents, grandmother, and grandfather can be overwhelming. There are endless considerations to think through, especially that your they need a genuinely gracious and trained carer more than anything else at this point in their lives.

Find someone you can trust!

At Audrey’s Home Care Agency, LLC, we provide one-on-one home healthcare services in Atlanta, Georgia. We completely understand the roller coaster of emotions and the physical demands involved in caring for your parents or grandparents. We believe that by working closely together we can provide personalized care services suitable for your loved one’s needs. From medical equipment to special care services, Audrey’s Home Care Agency LLC will provide you with exemplary service 24/7. If you want to know more about our services, visit our website or call us at 404-974-8459.

Here at Audrey’s Home Care Agency LLC, we are ready to provide the perfect care for your loved one. Remember, “When life changes, we are here to help.”

We’re Here for You 

Audrey’s Home Care Agency, LLC provides your loved ones with excellent emotional support and an opportunity to socialize. Our caregivers can help with a variety of tasks:

  • Meal Preparation

  • Medication Management
  • Grocery Shopping and Errand Running
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Socialization
  • Personal Laundry

  • Making Beds
  • Changing Linens
  • Running Errands
  • Ironing
  • Taking Out the Garbage
  • Dropping Off and Picking Up the Dry Cleaning
  • Accompanying You to Appointments
  • Organizing Closets
  • Keeping Inventory of Household Supplies
  • Planning and Preparing Meals
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Dusting Furniture
  • Accompany You to Health Clubs
  • Arts and Crafts Activities
  • Accompany to Social Events
  • And Much More!

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